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MakeupForever’s MATT+ versus Rimmel’s Wake me Up

I want to talk to you about two well known foundations that I’ve been testing through January.

The first one is the Matt+ foundation by Makeup Forever.MakeUp Forever Matt+.jpg I have oily skin and I need a good foundation that lasts all day and does’n make my face shiny during the day. This foundation has everythig that I need to become my favourite one. It gives a nice matt finish, without being cakey: a feature that almost every new generation foundation now has. New generation foundation are very skin-like, they blend nicely, without shutting down any natural luminescence of the skin. This is exactly what this foundation does. It is long wearing and water resistant. This is why they use it for brides on their wedding day.
My overall impression is 8

The second one is Wake me Up by Rimmel.wakemeup-rimmel.jpgI want to say that this foundation is born for a completely defferent purpose: it is supposed to brighten up the skin, to give that morning-beauty effect we all crave for!
I decided to buy it because I red many good reviews about it, and I decided to give it a try. I have to say, after a month of use..they were right!! It is very nice on the skin, not at all cakey and it lasts for such a long time! I wasn’t expecting this from a drugstore brand. The only thing that I was afraid of, were those little glitters, that give the bright effect, (I fear the Twilight effect! :-P)but I have to say they are difficult to see even on a sunny day! Nice, comfortable, cheap, lasts all day..
My overall impression is 8


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