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MAC Feline eyeliner


Feline is a khol eyeliner by Mac Cosmetics. It has a creamy consistency that makes it super easy to use inside the eye as outside. It is very blendable..but still, inside the eyes lasts at least 4 hours, which is a big thing for a khol pencil!!
The black is super deep and intense..if you go and swatch it you’ll fall in love!

I have to admit that I didn’t know the difference between the prolongwear line of pencils and the khol ones: I thought naively that khols were good for the lining outside the eye, while the prolong ones, since they last longer, were created for inside. Well.. I was shocked beacuse it was actually the othet way around!!
What the call..learning by doing! 😉

What do you think about Mac’s eye liners?

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